Lödige as a partner for the
plastics industry

For the plastics and rubber processing industry, Lödige offers mixing systems specially developed for these fields, which can be adapted individually to their respective application.


Lödige solutions cover a wide range of activities all the way to polymerisation.

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Process engineering solutions

Lödige machines are used for production, stabilisation, treatment and adjusting product properties of plastics.

Depending on the specific application and requirements, the plastics industry uses batch and continuous as well as vertical Lödige mixers.

Process-specific solutions for mixing, homogenization, compounding, granulation, encasing/coating, agglomeration, compacting, heating and cooling are used for the respective applications of the plastics industry.

Today’s plastics industry demands not just solutions for treatment of plastic melts, which are primarily characterised by high throughput volumes, but increasingly also requires specific applications for speciality products as well as treatment processes using highly sophisticated process systems.

Machines for the plastics industry

Lödige can provide various mixer types specific to each application to achieve the best possible result.


Applications for the plastics industry

Processing of all kinds of PVC, resins, thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics, compounds, melts, pastes and solutions.


System Solutions for the Plastics and Rubber Processing Industry

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