About US

We are Lodige Process Technology, the US subsidiary of Lödige Process Technology, the inventor and global leader in Ploughshare® processing technology, located in Paderborn, Germany.

At our facility in Florence, KY, we offer new machines, replacement parts and services for the Lödige and Papenmeier equipment installed in North America. Additionally, due to our extensive experience in the industry, we can provide the same for Littleford and Welex mixing equipment, too.

Our assembled team in the US, has a century of years of technical experience with Ploughshare® processing technology and is readily available to assist and provide solutions that meet industry needs.

Having a global presence, our colleagues around the world have access to multinational processing applications and multinational solutions.

With our team’s vast technical experience, there are many processing issues that we have encountered and solved with our Ploughshare® technology!

Lödige – Always the Right Mix

It means more than selection of the proper hardware to accomplish a processing goal.

It also means selecting the right company that can provide service and technical expertise that extends far beyond the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Service that benefits our customer for years in the future.

Certificates & approvals

When fulfilling your requirements, we leave nothing to chance!

We are regularly certified by recognized German and international testing centers.

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