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Lödige is a leading manufacturer of process engineering devices for the production of polysaccharides, such as cellulose or starch ether products. We are partners for our customers, both in product development and in the solution of any problems that may occur. Modified starch is used for numerous purposes in the technological sector as well as the food industry. The procedures of starch modification used to achieve the required product properties are based on a systematic combination of solid, liquid and gaseous reacting agents, product temperatures, reaction times and, if required, pressure/vacuum.

In close collaboration with our customers, we regularly conduct projects in which machine designs are defined and then delivered to the customer according to schedule. The technical design of the pressure devices complies with locally valid regulations, so that we can offer services to customers all over the world.

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Process engineering solutions

For starch

Activities in the field of starch modification include industrial implementation of process steps, e.g. in the following applications:

Mixing of starch with liquid reagents, e.g. for:

  • dry cationization
  • carboxymethylation
  • fermentation: addition of enzyme-loaded process fluid
  • dextrination: addition of acids and remoistening

Other procedures:

  • dough production during separation of gluten from wheat starch
  • treatment of potato mash

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FOR Cellulose

The production of cellulose derivatives requires numerous process engineering steps. Lödige devices can implement the following processes:

  • chemical reaction in the reactor
  • structuring/granulation of cellulose/cellulose derivatives
  • solvent recovery

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Lödige machines for the polysaccharides processing industry

Lödige offers machines adapted specifically to different process applications. Standard sizes are also available. Check the following list for an overview of the machine range:

Applications for the polysaccharides processing industry

Polysaccharides are a basic component of various products and is used e.g. in the:


System solutions for the chemical industry

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