Lödige as a partner for the
chemical industry

Lödige sees itself as a partner for the chemical industry. We will support you with finding a solution for various applications related to converting the results of your development process into a production standard and implementing this standard through process engineering. In this way, your products can be produced and reproduced economically and with high quality.


We also see ourselves as a partner for planning extensive equipment concepts, from support, planning and production of assembly groups to designing turnkey-ready systems.

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Process engineering solutions

The process engineering tasks in the chemical industry are highly diverse. Lödige solutions are used for the following main processes:

  • Mixing/homogenization (mixing of dry substances, pastes, bulk materials, liquids with solid components)
  • Distribution and injection of substances and liquids
  • Agglomeration and granulation.

These process steps can be completed continuously or in batches.

  • Drying
    • Vacuum drying in batches
    • Convection drying (in batches and continuous)
    • Continuous contact drying
    • Solvent recovery
  • Reaction
  • Coaten (with liquids, powders, etc.).

It is possible to complete multiple process steps in one single Lödige machine. This is called the “all-in-one process”. In many cases, the Lödige machine is used within a production line, where it can perform several different process steps and complete different recipes in a reproducible manner due to the adapted control system.


Our customers contact us with an application and we verify its feasibility, develop and fine-tune it at our in-house test centre through realistic production trials. After completing and evaluating these trials, we can design a suitable, optimised machine and advise our customer with regard to purposeful process control.


Machines for the chemical industry

Lödige offers machines adapted specifically to different process applications. Some devices are also suitable for several process steps within one single machine (all-in-one process).

Check the following list for an overview of the individual machines:

Corresponding to our diverse machine range, the applications required by the chemical industry are highly varied.

From dry mixers for powders, fibres or granulated materials to drying systems with condensate recovery to high temperature reactors - our machines are used for various functions.

It is this flexibility and our expertise gained throughout many years that allows us to provide solutions to individual specific problems, which would not be solvable through standardised machines.



System Solutions for the Chemical Industry

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System Solutions for the production and refinement of Chemicals

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