Lödige as a partner for the
food industry

Lödige systems offer the required mixing and process precision for an ideal process design in a wide production range. Our customers include notable food industry brands. Our systems and solution concepts are used worldwide, based on decades of practical experience in the construction of mixers and treatment systems for food producers. It goes without saying that we provide a “Hygienic Design” of our machine engineering solutions and also implement extensive cleaning systems.


Our machines are built according to current international regulations for food-safe hygienic design and are adapted perfectly to your process through customer- and product-specific adaptation. Our range of services is supplemented by extensive after-sales support.

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Process engineering solutions

Based on numerous process engineering options, Lödige systems can be designed and used for numerous products and production steps. For instance, in addition to the conventional mixing step, it is possible to combine the additional process steps usually required by the food industry in one Lödige system. This can make, for example, work-intensive pre-mixing unnecessary. All systems listed below are available both in production sizes and in sizes suitable for Laboratory work.


Machines for the food industry

Lödige provides various mixing, granulation, drying and fluidised bed systems for the different process engineering based production steps required in the food industry. Check the following list for an overview of the individual machines suitable for the food industry.


Applications for the food industry

Lödige looks back at a long history of success in the food industry segment. In the 80 years since the company was founded, Lödige has introduced a large variety of machines for different applications to the market. Ploughshare® Mixers using the mechanical fluidised bed process developed in-house make up the majority of these. Lödige machines are reliable components of production lines, both for small family-owned companies and of global corporations with high-volume production. It is frequently possible to combine process steps based on different principles in our systems. Check the following list for a small excerpt of process engineering applications for the food industry which use our products.


  • Ready-to-cook dried soups
  • Oven-ready flours/bake mixes to which fat and lecithin are added
  • Spices/food salts
  • Flavours / flavouring substances
  • Instant drinks, dry and with added flavour
  • Coffee and tea extracts/tea mixes
  • Dietary supplements/vitamins
  • Tobacco
  • Confectionery/chocolate
  • Granola/cereals
  • Milk/whey powder/baby food
  • Enzymes/starter cultures
  • Creams/dressings/mustard
  • Cheese/soft cheese melts


System Solutions for the Food Industry

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