The invention of the Ploughshare® Mixer revolutionised mixing and processing technology. Numerous patented innovations are based on this system. Lödige mixers achieve a homogeneous random mix within an incredibly short mixing time.

Ploughshare® Shovels arranged on a horizontal shaft in a special system rotate as mixing elements in a horizontally fitted, cylindrical mixing vessel. The size, number, positioning, geometrical shape and the peripheral speed of the mixing tools are adapted to each other such that they set the components filled into the vessel into a three-dimensional motion. The turbulence stimulated in this way in the mix - the material is permanently in contact with the mixing tools - prevents the formation of dead zones or zones with poor movement and supports quick and precise mixing. Due to the special shape of the mixing elements, the mix is removed from the drum wall during the radial movement and crushing of particles between the vessel wall and the mixing tools is prevented. For this reason, the fluid bed principle is perfect for particularly gentle mixing processes involving fragile and heat-sensitive substances.


In special applications or in the case of special component properties, modified ploughshare-like shovels can be used to make this effect even more specific. Special mixing applications - in particular in combined processes - may make it necessary to support the mixing effect of the mixing elements. Separately driven choppers rotating at high speed are used for this purpose. The short mixing time in conjunction with perfect drive power adaptation minimises energy consumption. Lödige mixers are low-maintenance - a feature, which supports high availability of the production line. Easy accessibility of all internal mixer components leads to a significant reduction of the workload required for cleaning and inspection. As an option, mixers can be WIP/CIP-adapted and can then provide the greatest possible hygiene standards even for microbiologically critical components.


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