Our mixing granulators are standardised systems meeting all requirements of a GMP/WIP design. They are very easy to clean and are characterised by an extremely low maintenance workload.

A three-bladed mixing tool rotates in a vertical, cylindrical mixing vessel close to the wall and to the bottom of the vessel. The special shape of this tool and its peripheral speed are adapted to each other such that the mix is brought to a vortex-like motion and simultaneously accelerated on the horizontal and vertical levels. This type of product movement causes quick and intense mixing, even of components with vastly different grain sizes, particle shapes, bulk weights and surface properties.

A high mixing quality is achieved within short mixing times. If the characteristics of the mix require it, a separately driven chopper is used to break up lumps, distribute moisture evenly and for wet granulation. The granulation end point can be controlled systematically. With the design equipped with a heated jacket and a vacuum for the process steps mixing, granulation and drying, several process steps can be performed in one machine.


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