The Lödige continuous ringlayer mixer CoriMix® is characterised by a wide application range for mixing, moistening, granulation and compaction tasks. The systems produce an even product quality with high components of the specifically required granulate size.

The system is based on the high peripheral speed of the mixing tool of up to 40 m/s; the resulting centrifugal force forces the product into a ringlayer. The mixing intensity in the ringlayer is high due to the significant speed difference between the rotating, specially shaped mixing tools and the mixer wall. The product is moved through the mixing chamber in a plug-flow manner.

The filling level and speed, geometry and mixing tool settings as well as the mixing vessel length and volume throughput affect the retention time. The system provides the option of dividing the mixing chamber into zones with different shearing intensities; this permits ideal adaptation to varying product properties. Liquid components are guided directly into the ringlayer - this ensures a homogeneous distribution within the mix. Unwanted moistening of the mixing shaft and mixer wall are prevented.

CoriMix®systems are equipped with opening drums for easy cleaning throughout their entire length. High throughput volumes (e.g. CM 80 with up to 5 m3/h) are achieved in a compact design.

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