Processing of cellulose and cellulose derivates

Chemical reactions in the DRUVATHERM® reactor
Druvatherm® reactors are used for chemical conversion of cellulose. By applying pressure and controlling the temperature, cellulose ethers, e.g. carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) or methyl cellulose ethers (MC, HPMC etc.) are generated.

Structuring/granulation of cellulose/cellulose derivates
In granulators, the chemically modified cellulose substances are structured, i.e. their product structure is adapted in continuously operating Ploughshare® Mixers. The high-speed continuous ringlayer mixer CoriMix® is also frequently used for humidifying and granulation processes. As reactions in the pressure reactor can take place during the batch process, tumblers can be used as buffer containers for downstream processing.


Solvent recovery
Product drying and solvent recovery are crucial for cost-efficient process management. Continuous process steps for convection drying and alcohol recovery using stripping vapour are frequently implemented in Lödige Ploughshare® Mixers.


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